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At while true we have decades of experience building software for humans with data.

Work with us as technology consultants for your data project, as data strategists to get you on the right path to using data to produce business value, or as software engineers to turn your ideas into reliable, efficient data solutions.


Solutions in all shapes and sizes

Data Publication apps, making data available to the public in an accessible, friendly, understandable and beautiful way.

Data Engineering infrastructure for ETL, interactive data curation, and APIs for Data as a Service.

Open Data Catalogs for governments and third sector organizations, using CKAN and Frictionless Data.

Data Management systems for public and private data, leveraging the best of public cloud infrastructure and open source software.

With government

We collaborate with governments to ensure their transparency programs are supported by a strategy that addresses the technical, legal and social aspects of publishing data openly.

With 3rd sector organizations

We support nonprofits, civic tech, and research bodies in building robust systems for collecting, processing and securely sharing large amounts of diverse data.

With business

We equip companies with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve data-driven decision making through best-of-breed data cataloging and data engineering solutions.

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