A complete solution to running CKAN infrastructure in the cloud.

Take the complexity out of CKAN hosting with our managed, multi-tenant CKAN in the cloud. Our open source CKAN hosting infrastructure runs on Kubernetes (k8s) and can be deployed to any major cloud provider (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), or your own infrastructure.

CKAN Cloud is ideal for large organizations managing multiple data catalogs for a number of sub-organizations, or multi-stage data warehouses with unique processing and access control requirements, reducing the complexity and cost of managing multiple distinct CKAN installations.

Ideal for

  • Government agencies providing data catalogs for a number of administrations
  • Corporation providing a internal data registries with distinct access control requirements
  • Multi-stage data warehouses for data science and business analyst teams

Core features

  • Multi-tenant CKAN architecture that leverages Kubernetes to its fullest.
  • Custom administration interface to provision, configure, upgrade and decommission CKAN and supporting services with ease
  • Runs in public and private clouds leveraging cloud-native permissions and access control
  • Seamless integration with cloud provider APIs and services for scalable object storage, database servers, and cloud-native data processing tooling

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